Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Need Help Already!

OK . . . one of my assignments in my Science Methods class is to prove I can keep an animal alive for at least one week. Unfortunately, mammals do not count. Our teacher has giant hissing cockroaches to give us. After everyone freaking out, she told us that if we want to buy a fish on our own and keep it alive for a week, we can. So I am buying a fish. But I've never had fish. What's the cheapest, easiest-to-keep-alive fish at Wal-Mart? =] Thanx!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Intro Info

Hello everyone! I am Megan Woodson. I graduated from Fairmont Senior, but I was born in Raleigh County (south of Beckley). I am a 23-yr old junior at Fairmont State, but I still have 2 years left with my undergrad. I am majoring in elementary education with a 5-9 math specialization. In 2 years, I plan on getting my masters from Fairmont State.

I am a HUGE Mountaineer Football fan. My family has had season tickets since before Rodriguez. Our tailgating group gets to Mountaineer Stadium every game day at 7am! [We're in the Blue Lot, look for me!]

My friends and family mean everything to me. I have an older sister, Mandy, and an older brother, Bill. I have two nephews, Logan and Levi, who I will do absolutely anything for. They are my world. I also have a dog named Kahlua. She's like my daughter!